(508) 517-3349   McConnonEventing@gmail.com


              (508) 517-3349   McConnonEventing@gmail.com



           Andrew's own Wakita 54 "Kiki" at Chattohoochee Hills HT Summer I

                                                Winners of Open Preliminary 




​​October 12, 2016: 426 by Bit of Britain

"Andrew McConnon talks about moving from the US to the UK to work with William Fox-Pitt"

March 11, 2016: Eventing Nation​​
​"Andrew McConnon Ready for the Opportunity of a Lifetime"








  June 2020

  D'Luxe Steel "Dean" moved up to Modified and won

  his 4th event in a row & Ferrie's Cello "Eddy" won his   

  Preliminary division at WHES June (Recognized)​  

  May 2020

  Congratulations to Tommy Greengard, of California

  on the purchase of Andrew McConnon's Joshuay MBF


  Congratulations to Catherine Treseler, of Chocolate     

  Horse Farm, Petaluma, CA, on the purchase of

  Yvonne Hansman's Outlander

  April 2020

  Congratulations to Liza Towell Boyd on the purchase 

  of Liz Millikin's Blenhiem 54









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