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​​September 2018

Bossinova (Hugo) secured his 7th WIN this season in the OP division at Five Points HT

October 2018

Hugo finished 2nd at Hagyard Midsouth HT in his first CCI1

December 2018

Andrew welcomes new horse Dogano de L'Oiseliere "Dugan" - {Ogano Suite (Darco) x Vert Et Rouge (Jalisco B)}

              (508) 517-3349   McConnonEventing@gmail.com

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"Andrew McConnon talks about moving from the US to the UK to work with William Fox-Pitt"

March 11, 2016: Eventing Nation​​
​"Andrew McConnon Ready for the Opportunity of a Lifetime"


​Press Releases

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August 24, 2017: Eventing Nation

"​Education by Osmosis: Time Abroad Pays Off for Andrew McConnon"


Andrew's new horse "Dugan" (CLICK HERE)


 ​McConnon Eventing

    Andrew on Rachael Jurgens' "Ziggy" at Carolina International CIC 3*