December, 2017

Andrew is back in the US having spent 2 seasons in the UK at Wood Lane Stables riding for William Fox-Pitt. He's now based in Ocala, FL. 

March, 2018

Bossinova (Hugo) 3 for at debut USEA Events - finishing 1st on dressage scores

April, 2018

Joseph Murphy coming back to Ocala this spring for another clinic - CLICK HERE


 ​McConnon Eventing

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      Bossinova (Hugo) HITS - Ocala 3/23/18 - winning medal class

​McConnon Eventing

              (508) 517-3349

​​October 12, 2016: 426 by Bit of Britain

"Andrew McConnon talks about moving from the US to the UK to work with William Fox-Pitt"

March 11, 2016: Eventing Nation​​
​"Andrew McConnon Ready for the Opportunity of a Lifetime"

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