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​​October 12, 2016: 426 by Bit of Britain

"Andrew McConnon talks about moving from the US to the UK to work with William Fox-Pitt"

March 11, 2016: Eventing Nation​​
​"Andrew McConnon Ready for the Opportunity of a Lifetime"




    Andrew on Rachael Jurgens' "Ziggy" at Carolina International CIC 3*

July, 2018 

Welcome new sponsor - FORESTIER

September 1, 2018

Excited to have moved to Southern Pines for September & October with Hugo, Drake and a new sale horse.

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September 2018

Bossinova (Hugo) secured his 7th WIN this season in the OP division at Five Points HT

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​Press Releases

       Bossinova (Hugo) winning Area III Preliminary Championships at Chattahoochee Hills Summer II HT

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August 15, 2018: Eventing Nation

​"EN’s Got Talent: Andrew McConnon and Bossinova"

July 25, 2918: Major League Eventing
"#17 Andrew McConnon Interview"

August 24, 2017: Eventing Nation

"​Education by Osmosis: Time Abroad Pays Off for Andrew McConnon"

​McConnon Eventing